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The UK’s loneliest commercial airports

http:// Many are familiar with crowded international airports in the United Kingdom like London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, City, and Luton; as well as Manchester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. However, the following list identifies the ten (10) least busy (loneliest) commercial airports … Continue reading

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Satellite airport “success” stories related to sprawl

In the past three-four decades urban sprawl has led to the rapid expansion of low density development across once pastoral landscapes, vastly increasing the area now occupied by the built environment. While, as urban planners, we are almost universally opposed to … Continue reading

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Stacking up the world’s tallest smokestacks

Below is a list of the tallest smokestacks in the world as indicated on The two charts show those that are 1,000 feet or greater in height. Twenty-two of these monoliths can be found in the United States, particularly … Continue reading

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The magic of the night – International Dark-Sky Parks and Reserves

I will be honest with you. I am a dark-sky advocate, but until just a few weeks ago, I didn’t know these existed. International Dark-Sky Parks/Reserves are meant to be special places where one can enjoy the magic of the … Continue reading

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European Union green vehicle sales data

Below is data on green vehicle sales in the European Union (EU) from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). By green vehicles, I am including hybrid, natural gas, and electric/fuel cell. The stats on diesel sales did not differentiate … Continue reading

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If sharks ruled the earth

I thought they already did? The world would be a lot more chummy. Razor-sharp teeth would be a fashion statement for more than just vampires. Steven Spielberg would be required to change the conclusion Jaws and its sequels. Vampires wouldn’t be the … Continue reading

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“Billion dollar babies” – will they ever learn?

Large financial institutions who were either shut down or recipients of at least one billion dollars in bailouts in 2008-2009 (a.k.a billion dollar babies): Lehman Brothers Merrill Lynch AIG Goldman Sachs Citibank RBS Bank of America Wells Fargo Morgan Stanley Bank … Continue reading

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The heart of “Brave”

Saw the newest Pixar movie, Brave yesterday afternoon in a theater stuffed to the rafters. While not my favorite Pixar movie of all time, it ranks up there with the best. An excellent film full of howling laughs, edge of … Continue reading

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Two celebrity cafes

For fun, here are photos of two coffee shops/cafes in the United Kingdom that have a certain amount of celebrity status associated with them. The first is the Beatles Coffee Shop in London. If you take the excellent and interesting … Continue reading

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Dialing in Radiohead live

I attended a Radiohead concert last night at the Palace of Auburn Hills outside of Detroit. The opening act was Caribou and from what I saw (the last ten minutes due to traffic) they were very good. Radiohead hit the … Continue reading

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