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The Pumpkins return with a “Smashing” good record

Back in the 1990s, the Smashing Pumpkins were among the elite rock bands rotating on MTV. They also released one of the most infectious and enjoyable tunes of the decade with “1979.” Since the turn of the century, their starlit … Continue reading

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Scaling peaks of stone despite achy bones: A memoir and and an aspiration

I wish I had discovered my passion for peak hiking earlier in life. Not realizing it until my early 60s has left me with less time to explore summits than I would have preferred. Despite the delay, the rewards often … Continue reading

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Best TV, music & movies seen/heard in 2023 May

The following are my favorite television shows, movies, and music seen/heard for the first time in 2023, as ranked through May 22nd. TELEVISION – Comedies Ted Lasso – Season 3 (Apple TV) Reboot (Hulu) That ’90s Show (Netflix) The Ranch … Continue reading

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Why do former Western mining towns more often appear to recover while Eastern ones continue to decline? A comparative analysis from a human and A.I.

There are many thoughts on this issue and it can be much more complex that just a single reason. As a result, it was decided to compare this blog author’s thoughts on the subject to those of to see … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes: Surname band names of the rock era

Rock bands whose name is based on a at least one band member’s surname are listed below. All are from the USA unless it is otherwise noted. If the band’s name includes a first name, it was not included. Same … Continue reading

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Canada’s next supergroup – A Short Walk to Pluto

Every once in awhile you hear music from a performer that is so good, so talented, and so captivating, that you know if the stars align and everything goes right, they will go far in the industry and will become … Continue reading

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Two migration tales of strength, hardship, and tenacity

Far too often, certain pundits, politicos, and just plain bigots depict refugees and immigrants as criminals and/or parasites. That couldn’t be further from the truth for the vast majority of those people who are seeking a new life in another … Continue reading

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Forget the latest planning buzzword and just plan

First it was “context sensitive solutions,” then “cool cities,” followed by “third places,” and most recently it has been the term “15 minute city.” All of these terms (and a myriad of others) are principally buzzwords meant to promote and … Continue reading

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Living amid an “Ecology of Fear”

I recently read Ecology of Fear: Los Angeles and the Imagination of Disaster by the late Mike Davis. It is an intriguing book that switches from whimsical to dark and foreboding at the turn of a page. In fact, the … Continue reading

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Walkable placemaking with outdoor public stairways

Note: – For purposes of this blogpost, stairways, stairs, and stair-steps are used interchangeably. Post updated 2/16/23 _______ The first time it occurred to me that outdoor stairways could be an important walkability tool for cities was while visiting Edinburgh, … Continue reading

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