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Ranking states on bicycle friendliness

Below are a new map and chart prepared by the League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking and Walking which ranks the 50 states on their bicycle friendliness in 2013. As is evident from the map, the Western states, … Continue reading

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Maintain the paved shoulders too!

As a bicycle commuter and recreational cyclist, one of the more frustrating things about riding is the lack maintenance and care given to paved shoulders along roadways. If these are meant to provide some margin of safety and security for … Continue reading

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Improving walkability in winter

By now, nearly every urban planner should be familiar with the term walkability as well as its rationale and numerous community benefits. Despite this, there are times during the winter months when walkability can be anything but easy due to snow and particularly ice. … Continue reading

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Leading USA bicycle commuting cities in 2010

The list provided below is from the 2010 American Community Survey (via wikipedia) and is for cities exceeding 100,000 in population. Congratulations to Eugene, Oregon for taking the top spot. I am rather disappointed not to see Greater Lansing on … Continue reading

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Coalescing regional active transportation

Greater Lansing’s second regional active transportation forum was held last night at the Michigan Fitness Foundation’s headquarters in Old Town. The initial event had been held in November, 2011. Both events have been well attended (approximately 25 last night), depict a … Continue reading

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Bicycles – the lifeline of last resort

While I like to tout how often I bike commute to work or ride  for recreational purposes, I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a car and also to have those opportunities. My bicycle is my commuting mode … Continue reading

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A vision for creating “Active Cities”

Urban planning has had a number of design movements throughout its history, ranging from the Garden City of Ebenezer Howard to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Broadacre City.  Today, new urbanism and complete streets are often the catchphrases of choice, but I … Continue reading

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