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Forging one’s legacy in “Nebraska”

Sometimes a movie will tickle your funny bone. Other times it will open your eyes or scare the bejeebers out of you. But, in the case of Nebraska, the Oscar nominated film from 2013, it will touch your heart and leave a … Continue reading

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Your community is a retirement haven when…

A little more satirical fun.  Your community is a retirement haven when… Gray hair is considered way cool. Golf courses exceed parks. Prune juice is the best-selling soft drink. It’s retail economy depends on the sale of Depends. Everyone has … Continue reading

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Wonder years and timeless tears

Some professional word etymologist needs to invent an appropriate term for a person who is not necessarily a friend, but who is much more than an acquaintance. Pal or buddy don’t seem to fit appropriately. The reason I bring this … Continue reading

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Planning in the age of aging

On Thursday, I attended the Michigan Association of Planning’s (MAP’s) 2012 Spring Institute. The overall theme of the event was planning for an aging society – certainly a timely topic even if many of us prefer to dismiss the fact that … Continue reading

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If you don’t snooze, you’ll lose

Well, the old adage used to be “you snooze, you lose.” As it turns out, just the opposite is true. According to a story in the August edition of AARP Magazine, a study at University College London’s Medical School found … Continue reading

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