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Largest solar farm in each state, territory, and province

As the solar industry booms, it’s challenging to identify the largest solar farm in each U.S. state, Canadian province, and their territories. This is due to the near constant announcements of upcoming new facilities, as well as the headwinds that … Continue reading

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Where utility-scale solar is HOT!

Below are charts showing the rapid growth in utility-scale solar project during the first quarter of 2013 and a comprehensive listing of those states with the most utility-scale solar power generation.The data is from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). … Continue reading

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Now is NOT the time to relent – fossil fuels are still fossil fuels

Given the ongoing North American oil production boom, there will no doubt be a tendency by those without any foresight (and in Big Oil) to push for scaling back incentives for clean, renewable energy resources like wind and solar; funding … Continue reading

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Super pooper power producer

Last week I had the opportunity to hear an interesting presentation on Michigan State University’s (MSU) new anaerobic digester power system that is under construction on the south end of its campus in East Lansing. The first phase will be … Continue reading

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Charge it…

Below are a couple of photographs I took last Thursday of the new electric vehicle charging station at the headquarters of Lansing Board of Water and Light. Needless to say, there appears to be enough “volts” for charging . : … Continue reading

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Leaders in clean energy by state

Below is a chart created by Clean Edge that lists all 50 states by their overall clean energy ranking. The comprehensive rankings are based on 70 indicators. Check it out and see how your state stacks up.

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Where wind energy is a breeze in Canada and USA

The following lists identify the provinces (Canada) and states (USA) with the most wind energy operating capacity as of the end of 2010, as well as more recent 2011 data. The data is provided by the Canadian Wind Energy Association … Continue reading

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Good vibrations for clean energy

Here’s an interesting new twist to renewable energy. According to CNET , the state of California is seriously looking into capturing the energy emitted from road surfaces as they vibrate in reaction to the weight of vehicles passing overhead. These … Continue reading

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We have so much energy in US

Why in heaven’s name are we still sending our sons and daughters halfway around the planet to die for oil? There are so many existing and emerging energy options available that is total folly to keep following the fallacies of … Continue reading

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