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PROVOking the birth of bike sharing

Near the conclusion of his outstanding book, entitled In the City of Bikes; The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist, author Pete Jordan reveals an unknown [at least to me], yet significant part of bicycling history – the birth of the bike … Continue reading

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Why Americans drive and the Dutch bike

I am in midst of reading the illuminating and intriguing book entitled In The City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Bicyclist by author Pete Jordan. If you ever wanted to know the bicycling history of this great European city, Mr. Jordan’s … Continue reading

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World’s 25 busiest air travel “markets” in 2011

It is often heard that Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport is the busiest airport in the world. On an individual airport basis, that is correct. But when you calculate the total air passengers passing through each market (single airport or multiple-airport), … Continue reading

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The ‘impossible city’ – review of “Amsterdam” by Geert Mak

Amsterdam is one of those great world cities that has always fascinated me. I am not sure exactly why, though the intricate network of canals and land reclamation projects certainly come to mind. To date, I have only briefly been … Continue reading

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