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Tuesday Tunes: Surname band names of the rock era

Rock bands whose name is based on a at least one band member’s surname are listed below. All are from the USA unless it is otherwise noted. If the band’s name includes a first name, it was not included. Same … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes: Chronology of my favorite music artists

Below is a table identifying my favorite musical artists over the years. As can be seen, they vary from time to time, with some appearing more than once. Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Weezer, The Stills, and Wolf Alice have all accomplished … Continue reading

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Cities are alive with the sound of music!

Thursday evening I had the chance to attend a seminar entitled, Music’s Impact on the Community. This superb and fascinating event was held at Michigan State University’s Center Community and Economic Development in Greater Lansing. Not only did the program … Continue reading

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America’s newest bohemian hotspot is…?

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines the term “bohemian” as: “a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, esp. an artist or writer .” In the past few years, many parts of a classic industrial city have been adopted … Continue reading

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