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From sea to shining sea of wasteful surface parking lots

The images below depict the extent of wasteful surface parking lots that can be found across the United States at many major sports venues, especially those dedicated to football, baseball, and soccer. Much of the land currently set aside for … Continue reading

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Geographical distribution of motor vehicle model names

Back in the day, its seemed many motor vehicles with geographical model names tended to be of places east of the Mississippi, wealthy places, or of European locales. But, today, the largest number of referenced places and geography model names … Continue reading

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Classic car nameplates/hood ornaments

Took these photos (and many others) of classic car nameplates and hood ornaments over the past holiday weekend during the National Cherry Festival Classic Car Show. Enjoy!

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Plow the d@%n bike lanes too!

Now that most of us are in the frosty grip of winter (quit smirking Hawaii and Florida), I have been reminded about an old pet peeve that many of us commuting cyclists have – the lack of snow or ice … Continue reading

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Three favorite hybrid car logos

Below are my three favorite hybrid car nameplate logos. The first (and easily my favorite) is from Ford and includes a small segment of roadway with a green leaf. To me, this says it all and is a great design … Continue reading

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Unscientific hybrid/electric observations

I counted 23 hybrid and/or plug-in electric cars on the trip between Lansing and Grand Rapids Thursday afternoon – 17 eastbound and six westbound, while a total of 26 were counted on Friday evening along the same route – 21 … Continue reading

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A proper salute to big oil – NSFW

The iconic photograph of Johnny Cash (see below) is what I feel like doing each time I pass a gas station which is owned or operated by a big oil company in my new 2013 Ford C-Max hybrid. With an estimated … Continue reading

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When Ford didn’t have a better idea

I finished reading the book entitled Fordlandia: the Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City by Greg Grandin last night. This fine publication was released in 2009 and was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award that … Continue reading

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Worst American markets for hybrid car sales

On January 5th, the best American car markets in 2012 for hybrid car sales were listed here on Panethos. Below are listed the worst car markets in the United States for hybrid car sales. For comparison, the national average in … Continue reading

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Top American metros for hybrid car sales

Below are the Top 15 metro areas in the United States for hybrid car sales. Congratulations to these cities and their residents. The only unfortunate part is they only represents four states – Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington. Hopefully, over … Continue reading

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