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Little Graves release their first full-length album – “Rituals”

It’s not often that you get a chance to review a first full-length album from a band that you have followed almost from the start. Little Graves, who formed back in 2017, just released their first full-length album on Friday. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes: Numeric band names

Oops – posted a day early. Oh, well. A little music trivia and fun. Included are rock, punk, folk, country, jazz, reggae, pop, metal, hip-hop, soul, R & B, rap, big band, and any other band names one could find … Continue reading

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City/Town Names Based on Indian Band and Tribal Names

The following list of cities, towns, villages, hamlets, and unincorporated communities that were named for Native American Indian tribes and or bands. Several ghost towns are also included. This list also includes translation-corrupted names, Anglicized names, as well as native … Continue reading

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Best and Worst Live Concerts Seen – UPDATED

BEST Wolf Alice – Denver 2022, at the Ogden Theatre – added 10/12/22 Metric – Detroit 2012, at the Fillmore Theatre Death Cab for Cutie – Detroit 2012, at the Fox Theatre The Eagles – Purdue 1976, at Elliott Hall … Continue reading

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Mirroring the Beatles in tribute

Kathy and I had a chance to see Michigan’s top-ranked Beatles tribute band, Toppermost last night. They were excellent. Close you eyes and you’d swear you were listening to the original band, even the British accents while talking to the … Continue reading

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Band name geography

Below is a partial list of musicians or bands that are named after or contain the name of cities, towns, states, or provinces. Please feel free to submit others. Enjoy! Cities and Towns A Foot in Coldwater A Sunny Day … Continue reading

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Two EPic EPs by Kitten

While attending the Joy Formidable concert several Monday‚Äôs ago, one of the opening acts, Kitten, put on such a stellar and energetic performance that I bought a copy of each of their two EPs, entitled Sunday School and Cut it … Continue reading

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Tuesday tunes: Bands on the road map

Below is a partial list of bands that are named after or contain the name of American and Canadian cities, towns, states, or provinces in their name. Please feel free to submit others. Cities and Towns A Foot in Coldwater … Continue reading

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