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Ten planning lessons from LA’s South Bay beach cities

We had the pleasure of visiting the three South Bay beach cities of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa Beach over the Christmas holiday weekend. Below are ten planning lessons learned from these charming and beautiful communities. Peace! Esplanade nearest … Continue reading

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Historic beaches opened for Black Americans during Jim Crow

  Back in November of 2019, I posted a list of the beach wade-in protests that took place during the Civil Rights Era. These protests demanded that public beaches be opened up to all people, instead of being limited to … Continue reading

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Chronology & Geography of Civil Rights Wade-in Protests

Though not as well known or as common as the lunch counter sit-ins that protested segregated dining, beach wade-ins were another peaceful tactic used to demonstrate the rampant amount of bigotry and racism that existing during the Jim Crow era … Continue reading

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It’s a beach, not a litter box for plastic!

This disgusting and disgraceful view is what we were greeted with upon arriving at the beach of San Jose Island on the Texas Gulf Coast 10 days ago.  The largely uninhabited island sits on the north side of the mouth … Continue reading

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Images of Ireland

Here are a few favorite photos from our trip to Ireland last week. Kathy and I both absolutely loved Ireland and look forward to returning very soon. Thank you to all of our new Irish friends for being so very … Continue reading

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Let’s go fly a kite!

I had the opportunity to attend the 25th Annual Great Lakes Kite Festival this past Sunday afternoon (May 19th) on the sandy beaches of Grand Haven, Michigan. The near perfect weather had huge crowds at the beach and many were also enjoying the … Continue reading

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Beachcomber nightmares

Just in time for another fun-filled summer weekend – this weblink to the Natural Resources Defense Council website provides a detailed and comprehensive report on the 200 cleanest (yay!) and dirtiest (boo!) beaches in the United States. Nothing like a little … Continue reading

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