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The “real” snowbirds

Each autumn and winter millions of northerners across North America make the pilgrimage to points south, primarily Florida and Arizona, to escape the snow and cold. Similarly, flocks of birds migrate southward for the winter from their summer nesting grounds. … Continue reading

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Issues of tall (sky) sprawl

I have asked myself at times whether in some places around the globe we humans are simply exchanging horizontal land sprawl with a tall (or sky) sprawl? Don’t get me wrong, I love to admire an impressive skyline just as … Continue reading

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States with highest pet ownership rates

Some fascinating data gathered by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 2011 and published in the May 2013 edition of AARP Bulletin. Listed are those 15 states that exceed 60 percent. At the end of 2011, the national average was … Continue reading

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If songbirds ruled the planet

A little fun on this wet and windy Friday. Humming would be prohibited, unless you are a hummingbird. All “tweeting” would be required to have a melody Cats would be required to live only indoors and must be declawed and … Continue reading

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If birds ruled the planet

Here’s the third installment of a series of “what ifs.” Previous versions posts have dealt with Jack Russell Terriers and cats. Enjoy! Everyone would be all a twitter all the time. Tweety bird would be world leader and Larry Bird … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Hummingbirds in your hand

Thought this was a cool video, even though technically it is part of an advertisement for a resort in Alaska. It does look like a lot of fun. Thank you to Susan for forwarding the video to us. It is … Continue reading

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Why the hell couldn’t it be a stupid starling?

On Thursday evening, we discovered a dead bird in the backyard. Sadly, it was a Black-billed cuckoo. More details about Black-billed cuckoos are available through this weblink to Cornell’s marvelous ornithology website. The bird had no visible signs of injury and … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tunes: Bands that are for the birds

Below is my list of band names that incorporate birds into their name. Crows seems to be the most popular bird for band names. Not sure why. Please feel free to include others that I may have missed. Enjoy! A … Continue reading

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