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Two celebrity cafes

For fun, here are photos of two coffee shops/cafes in the United Kingdom that have a certain amount of celebrity status associated with them. The first is the Beatles Coffee Shop in London. If you take the excellent and interesting … Continue reading

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Coffee “ground” wars brewing around us

One Interstate highway interchange here in Greater Lansing clearly depicts the ongoing coffee ground wars taking place across the American landscape.  Just off Exit 110 on I-96 are no less than five major coffee shop chains, plus another well-known coffee … Continue reading

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Brewing up a “social” library

A lingering image of traditional libraries for many is to visualize in our mind’s eye a librarian holding their finger to their mouth and indicating a silent “shush.” While I am not advocating for all hell breaking loose in libraries, … Continue reading

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Brewing up great third places – coffee shops (updated)

This is to be the first of a series of posts that I plan to write on “great third places.” It is an excellent and accurately descriptive term coined by Ray Oldenburg in his book, The Great Good Place. A third place … Continue reading

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A seat at the periodic table

There was an interesting story in the USA Today portion of the local paper on Sunday about a new trend in the food and beverage industry — science pubs or cafes. What a great idea! To me, this sounds downright … Continue reading

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