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Five years of bike commute data

Below is the bike commuting log I have kept for the past five years. Since it is rather large, I hope it is legible. Judging by the weather forecast for the last week of 2013, it is unlikely I will … Continue reading

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The price we pay for our disposable ways

If you are an urban planner and have not listened to the Tuesdays at APA podcasts, you really should. A number of these have been superb presentations that provide valuable insights. The podcast I listened to over the past Easter … Continue reading

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The Danish carbon footprint diet – cycling

Most of us have heard of the Hollywood diet, the South Beach diet, and many other trendy weight reduction plans. Well, in Denmark, they are showing the rest of us how easy,¬†fun, and healthy¬†it is to go on a carbon … Continue reading

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A simple carbon footprint diet

An interesting and useful environmental tip from the EPA: Reduce your carbon footprint! Leaving your car at home twice a week can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,600 pounds per year. Save up errands and shopping trips so you need … Continue reading

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