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The visual wit of Ian Lockwood

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Michigan Association of Planning’s Transportation Bonanza 6. Among the stellar list of speakers was Ian Lockwood, P.E. of Toole Design Group. He gave a terrific presentation entitled “Prepare for the Biggest Paradigm Shift … Continue reading

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Taking cute “Penguins” to the next level

Saw the Penguins of Madagascar movie over the holiday weekend. While no Oscar contender, this fun and charming film is enjoyable for kids and adults alike. As usual, the spy-based humor, visual gags, and word play are a delight, just … Continue reading

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Why do so many cities look alike?

Just ask cartoonist Andy Singer. Or better yet, check out his cartoon below for the reason.

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Superhighway superhero

While traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike on our way to Washington, DC last night we stopped at the Midway Service Plaza in Bedford. This recently updated plaza included a very interesting display on the history of the turnpike, Americas first superhighway. … Continue reading

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Review of “Monsters University”

I am always a bit leery of prequels. Considering we know what is going to happen in the future from the original movie, a prequel has the risk of telling us nothing new and therefore could lose its edginess. That … Continue reading

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Jetson’s-style pizza delivery by drone

Just when I think I have heard everything, a news story comes along that boggles your mind. According to several reports, Domino’s Pizza is testing pizza delivery by drone in the United Kingdom. Yes, you read that correctly, pizza delivery … Continue reading

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If Yogi Bear named national parks

Given his home in Jellystone Park (Yellowstone), I thought it might be fun to give new names to national parks that Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo would prefer given their taste for “pic-a-nic” baskets. Remember, he’s smarter than the average bear. … Continue reading

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Jetson cities and tech prophecy

Howdy, fellow space cadets! : ) Following up on yesterday’s post about places that could have been the hometown of The Flintstones, I thought it might also be fun to list those communities with names that could have been used in … Continue reading

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“Flintstone” cities

Many members of my generation grew up watching the daily lives of the cartoon residents of Bedrock. Though the Flintstones characters lived in the Town of Bedrock, there are a number of actual cities and towns whose name could have … Continue reading

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The artful doctor (Seuss)

This past Saturday evening, I visited a local art galley (Saper Galleries in East Lansing) to view their display of artwork by Dr. Seuss. I have enjoyed his books since childhood, but had never seen framed proofs and final images on … Continue reading

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