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In-state rivals – larger city, but smaller metro population

Here are the six examples found of the largest city in population of a particular state not being the core of the largest metropolitan area. Interestingly, all but one example come from the South.  It is also interesting to note how … Continue reading

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Suburbs predicted to soon exceed their core city

As a follow-up to last Monday’s post about those suburbs in the United States that have become larger than the original core city of the metropolitan area, here are my predictions for the next group of suburbs which could soon … Continue reading

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When a suburb becomes larger than the core city

  Below are examples from the United States of suburbs which have outgrown and overtaken the core city of the metropolitan area in population. As is evident from the list, many of these are planned retirement centers in Florida and … Continue reading

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“Borderline states” – largest percentage of out-of-state workers

The following “borderline states” lead the nation in the percentage of their work force who live in another state. The District of Columbia is an obvious location commuting from out of the district and into the City of Washington. Likewise, … Continue reading

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Leading USA bicycle commuting cities in 2010

The list provided below is from the 2010 American Community Survey (via wikipedia) and is for cities exceeding 100,000 in population. Congratulations to Eugene, Oregon for taking the top spot. I am rather disappointed not to see Greater Lansing on … Continue reading

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