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“The Newspaper Boy” – a helpful remedy when losing hope

Spoiler Alert: While I try not to reveal too much about details contained within the book, there are undoubtedly some aspect of spoilers contained within this post. If you prefer to read the book first without knowing too much about … Continue reading

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Don’t be a slave to greed and materialism

This Thursday, November 27th, is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Until recently, it was a lovely day for families and friends to gather, give thanks, watch parades and football, and share a hearty meal. Yes, some renegade retailers have … Continue reading

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Planners should not be just paper pushers and processors!

In the planning profession, there is an inherent risk of urban planners becoming solely mundane paper pushers and permit processors. That is due to several factors, including: The variety of requests being processed – rezonings, special use permits, variances, plats, planned unit developments, site … Continue reading

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Beware of the weekend sign gremlins

Even notice how a plethora of yard signs suddenly pop-up like dandelions at street intersections on Friday evenings, only to disappear by Monday morning? Those are the result of gremlins putting up signs when they know full well that building … Continue reading

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Don’t reward bad behavior!

As an Environmental Planner who administers wetland regulations as part of my responsibilities, the most common problem I’ve encountered is not from the developers or original owners of new homes impacting wetlands, it is the subsequent homeowners and neighbors who … Continue reading

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How hybrid cars improve driving safety

As a recent hybrid car purchaser I have quickly noticed some distinct safety benefits from driving a hybrid car over a standard motor vehicle beyond the obvious gas mileage improvement. However, even the best hybrid car can get less than … Continue reading

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“We are heroes with a thousand faces”

I first heard Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers play live at the Loft in Lansing last spring and then again at the Festival of the Sun in June. Each time, I have been mesmerized by their song entitled “Ego … Continue reading

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A case of childish anti-bike vandalism

I walked out to my car yesterday evening to discover that sometime during the afternoon, a vandal (or vandals) either thought they were being funny or had a beef with bicycle advocates because they tore off one the pro-bicycle bumper … Continue reading

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Cherishing, not criticizing diversity

Every now and then I hear (or overhear) an offensive comment from someone that irritates the daylights out of me. Late Monday afternoon this happened when a person make the following obnoxious comment: “It’s getting to be like the intersection of Singapore Street … Continue reading

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Indiana votes to give itself the chaff

My home state of Indiana continues to confound me. Incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Lugar was defeated yesterday in the Republican primary. While I am in no way a Republican and do not agree with him on many issues, I respect and … Continue reading

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