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Favorites of 2022 in entertainment

Here’s my list of the best for 2022. Enjoy! Most iconic moment in entertainment in 2022 Jenna Ortega’s dance scene in Wednesday – Thank goodness she helped put Will Smith’s unacceptable attack on Chris Rock in the rearview mirror and … Continue reading

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American TV situation comedy geography

While many television shows are situated in unnamed or imaginary places, many others are located in specific cities and towns across the county. This following list identifies the metropolitan areas where TV situation comedies were/are located geographically. Not surprisingly, Greater … Continue reading

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Fictional cities and towns of live action television

  The following list identifies the fictional city or town where these live action television series (comedy or drama) were situated. A separate blog post identifies fictional cities and towns of cartoon (or animated) series. States/provinces that have the most … Continue reading

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Taking cute “Penguins” to the next level

Saw the Penguins of Madagascar movie over the holiday weekend. While no Oscar contender, this fun and charming film is enjoyable for kids and adults alike. As usual, the spy-based humor, visual gags, and word play are a delight, just … Continue reading

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“Birdman” simply soars!

This film is what great moviemaking is all about! Michael Keaton, Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Amy Ryan, Andrea Riseborough, Naomi Watts, and the entire cast of Birdman give performances of a lifetime in this cinematic treat. The cinematography is breathtaking … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to a dear show

Tonight, the final episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) will be broadcast on CBS. HIMYM is a wonderful series that explores the lives and loves of five close friends. It is centered around Ted Mosby and the tale … Continue reading

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A comedy genius passes

I can still clearly remember sitting in the historic Lafayette Theater in downtown Lafayette, Indiana and laughing until I cried while watching Animal House. I cannot count how many times I have used the term “double-secret probation” since that evening so … Continue reading

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SNL’s funniest skit ever

A lot of us will never forget the early years of Saturday Night Live with classic comedy skits such as the Bass-o-matic Blender. But, to me the Jacuzzi Lifeguard skit shown in the link below with Jim Carrey is the … Continue reading

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Rethinking the best new TV comedy

Shortly after the new television season began last fall, I indicated that I thought Two Broke Girls was the best new comedy program for the 2011-12 viewing season. While that show is laugh-out-loud funny at times, there is another new comedy … Continue reading

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Not your tele-version of “21 Jump Street”

I saw the movie 21 Jump Street this past Saturday night. While there were a number of very funny scenes and a believable plot, to this viewer the foul language was unnecessarily overdone and in some ways even detracted from the … Continue reading

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