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The top 100 Interstate Highway truck bottlenecks

Source: scientificamerican.com The map below depicts the location of the top 100 bottlenecks for trucks in the United States on the Interstate Highway System in 2019. Note: Though shown in gray instead of red or pink, Kansas City has one … Continue reading

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How do you solve a logistics problem like Chicago?

If you have traveled through metropolitan Chicago by car, truck, train, or plan, you know how difficult it is to negotiate. Being situated near the base of Lake Michigan makes it a natural choke point for travel and distribution. As … Continue reading

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Amazing offshore urban expressways – pluses & minuses

A trend in arterial roadway building, especially in highly urbanized areas and locations of rough terrain, has been to construct expressways offshore, which largely parallel the coastline. There are several reasons for choosing these locations for highway construction, which include: … Continue reading

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Most congested megacity index for 2014

Below are the results from the most congested megacity index which are based on an interesting and fairly simple measure of street congestion – the average number of stops and starts per vehicle during a given year. Please note that … Continue reading

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Why do so many cities look alike?

Just ask cartoonist Andy Singer. Or better yet, check out his cartoon below for the reason.

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More beneficial use of highway money

Late in 2013 a brand new interstate highway interchange opened along I-96 at Latson Road near Howell, Michigan. The cost of this single, basic  “diamond-shaped” interchange was $32 million dollars. While many people in suburban Livingston County are probably thrilled with a … Continue reading

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