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Stop toying with AMTRAK funding, dammit!

I am so sick and tired of the conservative element in Congress annually trying to defund all or part of AMTRAK. Who are these fools? AMTRAK is regularly setting records for ridership and they want to reduce funding – approximately … Continue reading

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“Plane” crazy flight plans

This weblink will take you to the list of the 149 air traffic control towers being closed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) because of the sequester – also known as the “good-for-nothing  Congress in-Act-ion of 2013.” As can be … Continue reading

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When did ending subsides for big oil start being called a tax increase?

A month or two ago I wrote my Congressman, Republican Mike Rogers about ending subsidies for oil and gas companies. Today, I received a response in the mail. His letter was very cordial and polite, but the logic of his … Continue reading

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Stop the road warriors from running amok

The definition of “transportation” from merriam-webster.com: “An act, process, or instance of transporting or being transported; means of conveyance or travel one place to another.” No where in this or any other definition of transportation have I ever seen the term … Continue reading

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Why I don’t bother watching

I didn’t watch the State of the Union Address last night. It is not because I have any major disagreements or quibbles with President Obama, I just stopped watching it 5-7 years ago when Shrub was in office. Instead, I enjoy … Continue reading

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We “Won’t be fooled again” (I hope)

Continuing with this week’s theme of using famous song titles to express discomfort over the state of affairs in our nation, this song title comes to us courtesy of another British rock band, The Who. It was recorded in 1971. … Continue reading

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