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Is Burning Man making a mistake at Fly Ranch?

I’m torn. A part of me wants to travel this very minute to Fly Ranch and experience the scenic landscapes on this lovely site, while also visualizing the various art/sustainability projects taking place there. On the other hand, the site … Continue reading

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Nature preserves should never be named for people

The title of this post might sound a bit harsh, but here’s the thought process behind it: Humans rarely, if ever, have contributed to the long-term growth and maturation of a natural site – that’s Mother Nature’s handiwork. More often … Continue reading

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Ten Planning Lessons from Flagstaff, Arizona

Following our recent trip to the beautiful Southwestern United States, here are some thoughts on planning lessons one can learn from impressive and beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. You can have a physically active and exciting city in a colder-weather, high-altitude environment. … Continue reading

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A “Wales” of a great Welsh trail

Kudos to Wales for accomplishing something that no other country on the planet has done – in 2012, it completed a hiking trail along its entire 870 mile long coastline. Yes…you read that correctly – its entire coastline! What a … Continue reading

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