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GOP legislative “house’shit and ‘man’ure (NSFW)

I was totally disgusted yesterday by the puritanical and prudish actions of the male-dominated Michigan House leadership for silencing two female legislators. As the War on Women has been raging for nearly two years, Representative Lisa Brown (no relation) expressed satirical … Continue reading

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Indiana votes to give itself the chaff

My home state of Indiana continues to confound me. Incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Lugar was defeated yesterday in the Republican primary. While I am in no way a Republican and do not agree with him on many issues, I respect and … Continue reading

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A game of GOP “bait and switch”

Thought this poster found on tumblr.com was particularly telling. Didn’t the GOP run in 2010 on jobs and the economy ?  Huh, guess its a case of bait and switch. Don’t waste your vote in 2012 on the GOP’s false … Continue reading

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We “Won’t be fooled again” (I hope)

Continuing with this week’s theme of using famous song titles to express discomfort over the state of affairs in our nation, this song title comes to us courtesy of another British rock band, The Who. It was recorded in 1971. … Continue reading

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