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New “Austin Towers” will soon be spying over Texas

For multiple decades the tallest building in Texas has been located in either Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. That fact is about to change, as the booming state capital of Austin will soon takeover this vertical leadership role in the … Continue reading

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Incorporating mass timber in airport terminal design

As the use of mass timber design and construction expands in building development, it has also become increasingly used in airport terminal projects. Above and below are images from airports around the globe where mass timber construction has been incorporated … Continue reading

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World’s longest footbridges by main span length – UPDATE 2

Below is a ranking of the longest bridges specifically built for pedestrians (and in some cases also for bicycles).  Not included, are those bridges that were converted from another use such as a railroad or roadway. Please note that some … Continue reading

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Ranking the longest cable-stayed bridge for each state

  Below are the rankings of the longest cable-stayed bridge in each state as measured by the main span(s) of the bridge, as of March 6. 2021. Ties are included, so some states may appear more than once as a … Continue reading

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Interstate Injustice: Plowing Highways Through Minority Neighborhoods – Updated

The list provided at the end of the post is a partial tally of the once vibrant, historically Black and Latino neighborhoods that have been largely decimated by Interstate Highway construction. Much of this community displacement and destruction took place … Continue reading

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Miami to join the super-skyscraper club x 2

Just ten days ago I wrote about Philadelphia’s foray into the elite 1,000 foot skyscraper club. Well, Miami is about to join this illustrious group as well, but not with just one sky-high tower, but two. As a result, the … Continue reading

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New York City’s next mega-bridge

Below is an image of the existing Tappan Zee Bridge across the widest segment of the Hudson River (more than 3 miles wide) between suburban Westchester and Rockland Counties. It was completed in 1955. Underneath that photo is an artist’s … Continue reading

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Feck the straight-line mindset!

Please excuse me for utilizing the Irish version of a well-known four-letter profanity. It was picked up while visiting that lovely island last month. The milder term “feck” seemed to be the most appropriate word for titling this post with … Continue reading

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Overtly car-oriented LEED buildings should be disqualified

Let me preface this post by saying that the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification program is an excellent way to improve energy efficiency in building design and reduce a facility’s carbon footprint. It is an excellent marketing tool for … Continue reading

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The price we pay for our disposable ways

If you are an urban planner and have not listened to the Tuesdays at APA podcasts, you really should. A number of these have been superb presentations that provide valuable insights. The podcast I listened to over the past Easter … Continue reading

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