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The sale of the century!

I stopped at a certain nationally known discount department whose logo looks remarkably like a red bullseye this evening to buy a top-off card for my Virgin Mobile smart phone account. When I got there, I simply could not believe … Continue reading

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Hey Apple….think different and put a store here?

I am not certain how each retailer chooses where locate a store, but I am sure there are many similarities and a few company-specific differences. What I cannot figure out, is how a metropolitan region with more than 500,000 residents, … Continue reading

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Rejecting rigid conformity of the mass market

I don’t know about you, but personally, I have had quite enough with many of the mass-market’s rigid conformity requirements.  Do this – do that, wear this – wear that, believe this – believe that, watch this – watch that, … Continue reading

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A credit card’s definition of “some”

Got a letter in the mail on Friday from one of my credit card issuers. The letter said that they have made “some” changes to the cardholder agreement. Six pages later, I was done reading the changes. Are they kidding? … Continue reading

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People are not commodities

Below is a link to an excellent article on the parallels between ageism and consumerism from The Huffington Post. what-is-a-human-worth-age_b_798894.html

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