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Sell bicycles? – then provide bike racks!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am sick and tired of retailers who sell bicycles, but do not provide bike racks for parking at their stores. While this tends to be a problem with some of … Continue reading

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Why no “cash and go” for gas pumps?

Why is it that we can pay with cash just about anywhere, including at self-service check-out lanes and/or kiosks in retail stores for just about any product or service, but our only options at gas pumps are credit or debit … Continue reading

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The service question

I saw an intriguing sign along the road yesterday that posed an important question. It said, “Isn’t self service the same as no service?” Frankly, I would have to agree with point being made by the sign. In our cocooned … Continue reading

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Self-service without a smile

I am going to date myself on this one folks. Anybody else remember when holiday greeting card salespeople came to your home to display and sell the cards? I do. I can remember the salesperson scheduling an appointment and meeting … Continue reading

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Adventures of a bike parking advocate, pt. 1

As the usage of bicycles for commuting, exercise, and recreational purposes grows, I have been contacting businesses and organizations in the local area that do not have bike parking racks to see if they would consider adding them. Since Greater … Continue reading

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