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Most populous suburban indigenous pueblos/reservations in the United States

The list below identifies the most populous indigenous pueblos and reservations located in suburban parts of metropolitan areas. A minimum population of 500 residents living within the pueblo/reservation was required for inclusion in this list (FYI – not all residents … Continue reading

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Some snippets from the newly released 2020 Census data

While most headlines will likely tout the continued growth of the South and West, some cities in the East and North have some bragging to do, as well: Cincinnati, OH (309,317); Buffalo, NY (278,349); Rochester, NY (211,328); and Syracuse, NY … Continue reading

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Largest “grad” suffix cities and towns on the planet

The following list identifies all the cities and towns exceeding 1,000 in population that have the suffix “grad” in their name. The Old Slavic term “grad” means city, town, or castle. Beograd (Belgrade) and Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) are by far … Continue reading

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America’s largest mega-suburbs by land area – UPD

The following list identifies those American suburban cities that as of late last week occupied a “land’ area of at least 50 square miles – water area is not included in the area calculation.  Also not included are “towns” as … Continue reading

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Major US suburbs with most murders

Some sobering statistics from the FBI for major suburbs in the United States. Nine of these 12 cities have seen a rise in murders over the 2015 data and this year has several months remaining. It is worthy to note … Continue reading

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America’s loneliest cities

The following are America’s 20 loneliest larger cities – those with the most single-person households as of 2014. As is evident from the data, cities in Upstate New York, Ohio, Florida, and Virginia tend to be the most lonely (when … Continue reading

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In-state rivals – larger city, but smaller metro population

Here are the six examples found of the largest city in population of a particular state not being the core of the largest metropolitan area. Interestingly, all but one example come from the South.  It is also interesting to note how … Continue reading

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Multi-state MSAs and CSAs (minimum of 3 states)

  Washington-Baltimore CSA = 5 (DC, MD, PA, VA, and WV) New York City MSA and CSA = 4 (NY, NJ, CT, and PA) Washington MSA = 4 (DC, MD, VA, and WV) Boston-Providence CSA = 4 (MA, RI, NH, … Continue reading

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Most innovative USA metros: 2000-2011

Below is a list of the twenty most innovative metropolitan areas in the United States, based on the number of patents issued between 2000 and 2011. Most surprising is the absence of the Research Triangle of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina; … Continue reading

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Five years of bike commute data

Below is the bike commuting log I have kept for the past five years. Since it is rather large, I hope it is legible. Judging by the weather forecast for the last week of 2013, it is unlikely I will … Continue reading

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