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The uneven geographic distribution of Google fiber

One only need to briefly glance at the map of existing and proposed Google fiber cities (above) to realize it is being deployed in manner that rewards certain regions and potentially harms others. No cities are represented from the New … Continue reading

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Do bike lanes cause gentrification?

While listening to a Tuesdays at APA podcast entitled “Just Green Enough: Contesting Environmental Gentrification”  on New Years Eve, I was dismayed to hear the presenter say that bike lanes are now seen by many lower-income Americans as the ultimate symbol … Continue reading

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Fusing live art, social equity, and planning

I had the pleasure to attend the Michigan Association of Planning’s (MAP) Spring Institute today (May 23rd). My hat’s off to MAP and its entire staff/directors/committees on a terrific series of programs on social equity. One of the most unusual … Continue reading

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