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New “Austin Towers” will soon be spying over Texas

For multiple decades the tallest building in Texas has been located in either Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. That fact is about to change, as the booming state capital of Austin will soon takeover this vertical leadership role in the … Continue reading

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Interstate injustice – the human and economic toll

The following raw data tries to put some perspective into the vast extent of destruction that took place in American urban centers during the highway building boom of the late 1940s through the 1980s.  Overall, the number of dwellings lost … Continue reading

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Do bike lanes cause gentrification?

While listening to a Tuesdays at APA podcast entitled “Just Green Enough: Contesting Environmental Gentrification”  on New Years Eve, I was dismayed to hear the presenter say that bike lanes are now seen by many lower-income Americans as the ultimate symbol … Continue reading

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