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2013’s economic superstar counties

Published annually by Fourth Economy Consulting of Pittsburgh, the Fourth Economy Index identifies those counties that are “ideally positioned to attract modern investment and managed economic growth.” The index is broken down into micro (<25,000 population) small (25,000-49,999), mid-sized (50,000-149,999), and large (150,000-499,999) counties based on … Continue reading

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America’s primary high-tech nodes

Provided below are two lists compiled from 2011 data and published in a December 2012 report by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. The first lists those cities or portions of metropolitan areas that have the highest percentage of their … Continue reading

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Don’t participate in Black Friday creep

It appears that respecting what could arguably be considered the country’s least commercialized and most revered national holiday (Thanksgiving) is waning, as a number of national retailers chip away at the time employees can spend with their families.  This Scrooge-like behavior strikes a nasty blow at … Continue reading

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The birth of new nations?

Came across this story on the BBC about 1.5 million Catalonians marching on the streets of Barcelona back on September 11th in support of the region’s independence from Spain. I predicted that both Catalonia and the Basque regions will seek and … Continue reading

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Hiding from the “D” word

When exactly does our “Great Recession” become a “depression?” While I know there are certain indicators to track and measure this economic stuff, I have been wondering for some time if we are just lying to ourselves to avoid using … Continue reading

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Bipolar urban areas and a case study

My definition of bipolar urban areas are those that have two principal cities at their core, but they have each taken nearly opposite paths socioeconomically. The two cities posses an almost Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like qualities – one being quite healthy and prosperous while the … Continue reading

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The pungent odor of GOP brain farts

Oh, isn’t it quaint how republicans and fiscal conservatives so conveniently forget which party is principally responsible for the national debt. Being an election year, the pungent odor of hot air being expelled by them reeks across he airwaves on … Continue reading

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Subtle indicators of economic distress

While certain aspects of the overall economy have been improving, there are still far too many Americans who have not seen (or found) the light at the end of the Great Recession’s long, dark tunnel. For them, the economy and … Continue reading

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Ten great reasons to shop at local businesses

You may have seen the Small Business Saturday advertisements recently. November 26th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is is the second annual “Small Business Saturday.” Even though a huge company (American Express) is the primary  sponsor, I find the goal to be … Continue reading

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A city where the Occupy movement has been welcomed

I am very proud of my hometown these days. Unlike many cities across this country, both Mayor Virg Bernero and Greater Lansing have been very welcoming to the Occupy Lansing movement here. Each day, 20-30 protesters are encamped in Lansing’s Reutter … Continue reading

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