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Planning for the EVolution in charging stations

As the number of EV (electric vehicle) charging stations have increased, their design and appearance have grown in style and variety. While many EV charging stations are currently accessory uses on the site of other uses like hotels, theaters, parking … Continue reading

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Where the energy efficient auto jobs are in the USA

The table below prepared by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows the states that lead in number of energy-efficient auto-related jobs. Congratulations to Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana for leading the nation forward and taking the top three positions. Here is … Continue reading

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Plugging into a brighter future

  Kudos to U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D – Michigan) for proposing a real incentive for purchasing plug-in electric vehicles (EVs). Instead of a $7,500 tax credit as is currently the case, the new incentive would be an actual $7,500 … Continue reading

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