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Review of “The Art of Getting By”

While on vacation, I caught a delightful movie on HBO that I did not recall ever seeing advertised for showings in the theater.  The film is entitled The Art of Getting By and stars Freddie Highmore (Finding Neverland and Charlie … Continue reading

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Cool artistic Cali theaters

Here are photos of two historic theaters in located in the Sierra Nevada mountains northeast of Sacramento in the lovely communities of Grass Valley and Nevada City.

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Best live albums

Live albums are  something you seldom see anymore, but back in the day, live albums were quite popular and could be the impetus to superstardom – several of the acts listed below got their big break from a live album release. … Continue reading

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Wasting away in mind-pollutionville

I detest infomercials and cannot think of any less imaginative way to run a television station than to air mindless infomercials. Here in Greater Lansing they seem to be the programming du jour when stations have nothing better to do or are … Continue reading

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Spider-man is truly amazing

I saw The Amazing Spider-man last night and thought it was a very enjoyable and entertaining movie. In fact, I liked it better than the initial version with Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were perfectly cast as Peter … Continue reading

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The heart of “Brave”

Saw the newest Pixar movie, Brave yesterday afternoon in a theater stuffed to the rafters. While not my favorite Pixar movie of all time, it ranks up there with the best. An excellent film full of howling laughs, edge of … Continue reading

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Obsolete watch – things about to disappear

Here’s my initial list of things that will largely disappear in the next decade. Sure, you can still find buggy whips in certain places, but they don’t permeate the market like they did 100 years ago. Wristwatches – who needs … Continue reading

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TV by the numbers in the U.S. and Canada

Just for fun, here is my list of television shows that include some sort of numerical value in their name, with a little help from Sporcle. Once Upon a Time One Day at a Time One Tree Hill One Versus 100  … Continue reading

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Dialing in Radiohead live

I attended a Radiohead concert last night at the Palace of Auburn Hills outside of Detroit. The opening act was Caribou and from what I saw (the last ten minutes due to traffic) they were very good. Radiohead hit the … Continue reading

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“Screen” better days

Earlier this month I posted photos of two historic and impressive movie theater marquees in Ann Arbor – the Michigan and the State. Here are photos of two old theaters in south-central Michigan. The first, “The Main” is along U.S. 12 … Continue reading

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