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A dose of sad sixties sitcom sexism

One of my all-time favorite television shows is the Dick Van Dyke Show. It aired in the early to mid-1960s and won many Emmy Awards. One of the reasons I like the show, aside from it being very funny, is the … Continue reading

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Ann Arbor’s marquee marquees

Here are a couple of photos taken Monday evening of  the State and Michigan theaters located in downtown Ann Arbor. Always have loved old movie theater signs and marquees and these two are iconic.

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Not your tele-version of “21 Jump Street”

I saw the movie 21 Jump Street this past Saturday night. While there were a number of very funny scenes and a believable plot, to this viewer the foul language was unnecessarily overdone and in some ways even detracted from the … Continue reading

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The good doctor would be proud – review of “The Lorax”

I went to see The Lorax last night. I have always loved reading books by Dr. Seuss and the fact that yesterday would have been his 108th birthday made it even more special. Add on top of that Fox News’ seal of … Continue reading

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Tragic trainwrecks in music – now Whitney

Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and now Whitney Houston. All three are sad and tragic stories from the world of pop music. While they certainly are not the only performers to have died far earlier than they should have, these three … Continue reading

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California’s very own “Girls”

If you have not heard of Girls, an indie/alternative rock band from San Francisco, you probably will very soon. Their second full-length album entitled Father, Son, Holy Ghost is excellent. Trying to categorize this band is a little tough, because … Continue reading

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My ten favorite lead guitarists of rock bands

After yesterday’s post listing my ten favorite lead singers from rock bands, it seemed  blogical to list my favorite lead guitarists too. So, here they are, generally using the same criteria, though singing is not as important. James “Jimmy” Shaw … Continue reading

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TV’s best drama – “Person of Interest”

There are several terrific new dramas this year on network television, but none of them quite matches the intrigue and intensity of Person of Interest. It’s a dramatic television series that combines cutting-edge technological savvy with fascinating lead characters who operate … Continue reading

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Review of “50/50” – 100% chance of a great movie

I saw the movie 50/50 this afternoon. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a quite serious movie about cancer that also includes a good deal of comedy.  All I know is it works, and very, very well. While I don’t … Continue reading

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Marvelous and mesmerizing music – “11:11” by Ember Swift

Anyone who reads this blog on a semi-regular basis must know I am a serious alternative rock fan. Well, this magnificent new album by Ember Swift has made me a fan of a whole series of other musical genre and … Continue reading

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