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Ten planning lessons from the elegant oasis of Palm Springs

Below are ten (10) planning lessons from the beautiful desert city of Palm Springs, California. Peace! Few places have such a dramatic elevation change in such a short distance (up to 9,000 feet in four miles). This makes Palm Springs’ … Continue reading

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Seeking admission into the realm of hipsterdom

Does the realm of hipsterdom have a maximum age limit? That’s a question I have often asked myself.  Can someone like me, who soon will be facing the 40th high school reunion squarely in the face, really be considered a … Continue reading

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Plaidurday – A celebration of plaid!

On October 7, 2011, the first Plaidurday was celebrated in Lansing, Michigan. In case you have been residing in a cave or castaway on a remote island and have not heard of Plaidurday, here’s the brief history of the event from … Continue reading

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A titanic shift in bike helmet design

In our quest to find a folding bicycle helmet for use while traveling, Kathy made me aware of a new helmet technology that some (like me) will consider a titanic shift from the traditional bicycle helmet design paradigm – the … Continue reading

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America’s next fashion hub – Detroit?

Here’s a weblink to a “fashionating” story from NPR about the early and on-going development of a fashion industry in Detroit that started as a method of dressing robots. Huh? Who knew robots needed clothing? According to the story: “Apparently … Continue reading

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