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Being seen: Furthering pedestrian safety at crossings

When crossing a street or roadway on foot, pedestrians must make sure that drivers are aware of them. Eye contact is especially important. Otherwise, pedestrians risk being added to the sobering pedestrian traffic death statistics in the United States. Even … Continue reading

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Serenading flags worldwide that depict the Moon

As a follow-up to the previous post on flags from around the planet that depict the Sun, here is a list of those with the Moon on them. In nearly all cases, the Moon is depicted as a crescent shape … Continue reading

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“Here Comes the Sun” displayed on flags worldwide

Listed below are those nations, tribal nations, states, provinces, counties, and cities whose flag depicts the sun. Some of my favorites are shown throughout the post. There are likely more examples from around the globe, so as always any additions, … Continue reading

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What’s your choice for New Zealand’s new flag

And then there were four. Here are the four finalists for New Zealand’s new flag. Personally, of these I prefer the top left, which essentially retains the colors and the Southern Cross star system from the New Zealand’s current flag … Continue reading

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May 5th Celebrations

Happy Liberation Day in the Netherlands and Cinco de Mayo in Mexico!

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Favorite national, state and provincial flags

In honor of Flag Day here in the United States (tomorrow, June 14th), I thought I would list my favorite national, state/province, or territorial flags from around the world. Here’s a list of my 20 favorites:  Canada – instantly recognizable … Continue reading

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