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When Pickup Trucks Weren’t Killing Machines…

Before pickup trucks became supersize killing machines on steroids, they were useful, practical, utilitarian, and in many cases downright stylish. Today, they, along with supersize SUVs, are contributing to the tragic rise in pedestrian and cyclist deaths due to dangerously … Continue reading

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The flailing Detroit Lions need to be renamed and rebranded!

  When your NFL team is a perpetual disappointment, something drastic needs to be done to turn around that sorry trend. In the Detroit Lions case, not just coaching and personnel changes are in order. Given the Ford family doesn’t … Continue reading

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Three favorite hybrid car logos

Below are my three favorite hybrid car nameplate logos. The first (and easily my favorite) is from Ford and includes a small segment of roadway with a green leaf. To me, this says it all and is a great design … Continue reading

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2012 Hybrid/electric vehicle data

Some fascinating and impressive data provided from evsroll.com on hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) sales in the United States during 2012. Given recent reports of very rapid growth in hybrid and electric vehicle sales by Ford (the Fusion Hybrid and C-Max Hybrid … Continue reading

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When Ford didn’t have a better idea

I finished reading the book entitled Fordlandia: the Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City by Greg Grandin last night. This fine publication was released in 2009 and was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award that … Continue reading

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Ford has a better idea

Anyone who grew up in my era should remember the old Ford advertising slogan of “Ford has a better idea” with a lightbulb as the visual image. I tended to be particularly familiar with Ford because my grandfather ran a … Continue reading

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