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From protective to active – repurposing historic city walls

When we think of city walls, some of the first images that come to mind are imposing structures erected as a protective or defensive barrier. More often than not, city walls were constructed from stone, masonry, brick, and/or concrete. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Birthplace of the transistor radio

I was born in Indiana in the 1950s and grew up/lived there through college, but until recently I was totally unaware of my birth state’s pivotal role in the development of transistor radios. Until the early 1950s, radios were powered … Continue reading

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Driving the “Fort to Port”

On my whirlwind trip last weekend, I got my first chance to drive the newly completed Fort to Port Freeway (U.S. 24) between Fort Wayne, Indiana (Fort) and Toledo, Ohio (Port), though I did it in reverse order of east to west. I … Continue reading

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