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World’s most hyphenated (and commaed) city/town names

While hyphenated city/town names dot the globe, it is the francophone communities of France and French Canada who dominated this category, In fact, only these two (2) nations produced any hyphenated city/towns with more than three (3) hyphens their name. … Continue reading

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The global network of subsea digital communication cables and the coastal hub cities that stand to benefit from them

Despite the fanfare surrounding satellite networks, subsea cables still transmit 99 percent of all data between continents. Much like the interstate highway system, airline networks, and railways, undersea global communication cables form a hub and spoke system, albeit being somewhat … Continue reading

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A visual celebration of Le Corbusier’s five Unite’ d’Habitation

Five European cities have the distinct honor of being home to a magnificent Brutalist style, utopian ideal, multiple-family housing complex designed by renown architect, Le Corbusier. These Unite’ d’Habitation are breathtaking in their form and functionality. Each building has slight … Continue reading

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“The Intouchables” will melt your heart

Last night, we watched the French film, “The Intouchables”  on Netflix using our new Roku 3 web streamer. The movie is fun, hopeful, poignant, hilarious, and will absolutely melt your heart, while making you feel wonderful. Based on a true … Continue reading

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Pleasant large city names

I realize that attractive or appealing large city names are subject to individual tastes and the opinion of the beholder, but I thought I would list some of my favorites to gauge the reaction of those reading this post. Often, … Continue reading

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Dreaming the dream…of an exquisite film

I was privileged to see Les Miserables on New Year’s Eve. It was an absolutely breathtaking movie and easily deserves a best picture nomination and award. Having seen Lincoln, Argo, Cloud Atlas, Looper, The Hobbit, and many other motion pictures in … Continue reading

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Europe’s best ville vélopartage – Lyon, France

The list provided at the end of this post summarizes the 2012 results of Germany’s ADAC’s (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) analysis of bike sharing/rental programs in Europe. While Amsterdam and Copenhagen are generally regarded as two of the premiere cycling cities on … Continue reading

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Coolest trailer/music video ever

I sing a lot of praises about music and filmmaking on my two blogs, but the trailer/music video created for the film The Art of Flight  is simply outstanding. Many thanks to my son, Brendan for pointing out the movie/song/video … Continue reading

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Silent perfection – “The Artist”

I have seen many fine films in the past year, including 50/50, The Descendants, and Hugo, but none of them can match the brilliant perfection of The Artist. Hardly a single word is spoken throughout the film, but this cinematic … Continue reading

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“Hugo” est tout simplement magnifique!

I will start off by saying that I am not a big fan of prior films directed by Martin Scorsese. I have seen a number of them, but they too often come across as overly dark, gritty, morose, or violent … Continue reading

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