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Fun Friday: If d-a-c-h-s-h-u-n-d-s ruled the world.

The term “wiener dog” would be outlawed. All furniture would be required to be no more than 12 inches above the ground, including dinner tables so it is easier for us to scrounge for between meal snacks. All cities named … Continue reading

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Fun Friday – Animal quips – NSFW

Here are more than 75 fun quips all of us have probably heard now and then. An animal is used to describe an action, location, status, or mood. If you think of others, please pass appropriate ones along. Please note … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: New adventures of Eco-dude!

Three years ago Eco-dude successfully negotiated London for a week without ever using or renting a car. Not especially hard with the amazing Tube and vast network of intercity rail available there. Two years ago, Eco-dude successfully traversed northern England … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Vacation complaints

Today’s Fun Friday is courtesy of faithful Progressive Blogic reader and supporter Uncle Dave. Some of you may have seen this already but it made me chuckle. 1. “I think it should be explained in the brochure that the local … Continue reading

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Fun and famous Friday(s): “Just the facts”

The title of the post includes part of a famous quote used by Sergeant Joe Friday in the television series Dragnet.  For this week’s Fun Friday, here’s a list of famous Fridays. Sergeant Joe Friday: character from the TV series/movie … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Absurd to zany places, part 2

Last week’s list of goofy and funny place names became one of our most popular posts since Progressive Blogic’s debut on November 1, 2010. This time let’s start off with Canada and then list those in the United States. Enjoy … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: Absurd to zany places, part 1

The list of places provided below includes funny, absurd, weird, wacky, and zany names from all over the United States and Canada. The only state not represented is Hawaii (could not translate the places from Hawaiian). Some fun/sarcastic commentary is also provided. Hope … Continue reading

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