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Building solar farms on closed landfills in Massachusetts

As the list directly below demonstrates, over the past decade more than 80 communities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have successfully turned their closed brownfield landfills into green energy producing “bright fields.” Acton Landfill = 1.59 megawatt solar array on … Continue reading

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The dark side of bright lights

Fascinating and useful data on the effects of light pollution on the environment is provided in this poster. Is your city one of the top 10 brightest cities in the world? In this particular case, “brightest” is definitely NOT a … Continue reading

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Ecomodal transportation hubs

This post summarizes several ideas that could be employed to facilitate the establishment of sustainable transportation hubs where intermodal cross-movement between multiple green (or active) transportation options takes place with ease. In a nutshell, these facilities are described by using … Continue reading

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2012 Hybrid/electric vehicle data

Some fascinating and impressive data provided from evsroll.com on hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) sales in the United States during 2012. Given recent reports of very rapid growth in hybrid and electric vehicle sales by Ford (the Fusion Hybrid and C-Max Hybrid … Continue reading

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Power of the pedal – let’s bicycle to the polls

One super way on Election Day 2012 to advocate cycling and visually depict to your friends and neighbors how many of us are strong supporters of cycling and cycling issues is to pedal your bicycle to your precinct to cast … Continue reading

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Garbage gateways: waste at first sight

Sanitary landfills (now there’s an oxymoron) are quite often situated along the primary gateways to the community they serve. Sure, an expressway allows for easy access to the dump by those dingy looking and overloaded welcome wagons of trash. They converge on these mini-mountains like … Continue reading

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European Union green vehicle sales data

Below is data on green vehicle sales in the European Union (EU) from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). By green vehicles, I am including hybrid, natural gas, and electric/fuel cell. The stats on diesel sales did not differentiate … Continue reading

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Summary of the “Asian Green City Index”

A expert panel selected by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of The Economist magazine and Siemens AG ranked 22 major urban centers of Asia  in 2011, by utilizing an eight category green city index. The index categories include: Energy and carbon dioxide Transport Water Air … Continue reading

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Where are the eco-friendly motorboats?

Last weekend at the lake I watched $200 go down the proverbial drain as our motor boat was refueled. The whole time I kept thinking, why aren’t there more fuel-efficient boats, hybrid boats, or boats at least partially powered by … Continue reading

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Cool bicycling poster

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