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How about insurance incentives for bicycling?

Among my many ponderings about cycling and bike commuting, one topic that bugs me on a semi-annual basis is why I am not eligible to get a lower auto insurance rate for commuting to/from work so often by bicycle? In … Continue reading

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18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, and 28

What do the series of eight numbers in the title of this blogpost have in common? Sadly, they represent the ages of eight young adults whose funerals, memorials, and/or visitations I have attended in past ten years. The cause of … Continue reading

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Are fitness centers ready for a shakeout?

I don’t know about your community, but here in Greater Lansing there has been an explosion of fitness centers in the past few years. No longer is fitness relegated to the YM/WCA, the community recreation center, or the local athletic … Continue reading

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Clinically promoting sprawl and poor health

The last few times I have visited my home state of Indiana, I have noticed a number of new hospitals recently opened or being constructed along the I-69 corridor. Even when I was out West in California and Oregon, I … Continue reading

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Will wonders ever cease?

Kudos to Chief Justice John Roberts and the other four members of the Supreme Court who voted today to preserve nearly all aspects of the Affordable Healthcare Act. This is a tremendous victory for all Americans, whether they know it … Continue reading

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Planning in the age of aging

On Thursday, I attended the Michigan Association of Planning’sĀ (MAP’s) 2012 Spring Institute. The overall theme of the event was planning for an aging society – certainly a timely topic even if many of us prefer to dismiss the fact that … Continue reading

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This ought to be interesting…

Heard on the news this evening that the Supreme Dorks have decided to hear the caseĀ challenging the legality of President Obama’s health care law. Given the Supreme Dorks can’t even figure who or what a person is, this ought to … Continue reading

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Hooked on tonics – Is the world addicted?

The best new song and video of 2011, to date, are entitled “Anti-D” for short or “Anti-Depressent” by Liverpool’s indie rock band, The Wombats. The tune is a satirical and thought-provoking slam on modern medicine and its synthetic solutions to … Continue reading

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