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Cities with a Homeless Bill of Rights

On November 2, 2015 the City Commission of Traverse City adopted a Bill of Rights for homeless residents of the city. I am so very proud of my new home town for having taken this important and compassionate step. In … Continue reading

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Are we becoming a scavenger society?

Last night, I stopped by Michigan State University’s state-of-the art Public Recycling Center to drop off my recyclables. ¬†While there, I happened to notice a woman was carrying a metal object with three-prongs at the end of it. As I … Continue reading

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Restoring hope for the “blind sides” of cities

Sunday evening I was driving through one of the less fortunate parts of Greater Lansing. While doing so I realized that even as urban planners, many of us live in sheltered cocoons during most of our professional careers. Either we … Continue reading

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Here’s something new – panhandle meters

According to a brief tidbit in this month’s¬†Planning magazine, parking meters are not the only meters you will find along the city streets of Miami, Florida. Begun in 2010, the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust installed colorful panhandle meters for citizens and … Continue reading

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Where the street people have no names

The post title comes from a U2 song of nearly the same name. It seems to best epitomize this sad, yet hopeful story from npr.com. While I can see the benefit of making tourists and citizens more cognizant of and … Continue reading

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