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Applying facets of Vastu Shastra to address climate change

Vastu Shastra doctrine are ancient spiritual design priciples that can be described as follows: “Vastu is the art of living in harmony with the land, such that one derives the greatest benefits and prosperity from being in perfect equilibrium with … Continue reading

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1933 Chicago World’s Fair “Century of Progress” homes

While visiting Indiana Dunes National Park this week, we saw the five homes that had been included in the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair “Century of Progress” exhibit. Following the conclusion of the fair, they were moved by barge or truck … Continue reading

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Delights of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Oak Park Home

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What a croak (crock)!

The other day I heard about an upcoming action that will be taking place soon in Central Indiana that just has to make one wonder what the heck are people thinking. Some residents of a subdivision near Indianapolis are apparently … Continue reading

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Have lending institutions usurped good planning?

How many of my fellow planners have seen/heard of the following scenario in recent years? A rezoning is sought because a potential homeowner cannot obtain or refinance a home loan because the residence is zoned something other than residential. My educated guess is that many of you … Continue reading

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Enough with the freaking starter castles – NSFW

A set of plans recently came through the office for a 10,000 square foot single-family home (a.k.a. starter castle or McMansion). Good grief! How many square feet do people need for their stuff? When I think of the number of … Continue reading

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