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The Great ‘Reverse’ Migration May Be Disastrous for Many Northern Cities and States

Between 1916 and 1970, more than six million African-Americans migrated northward to work in factories and live in cities across the Northeast and Midwest. Today, there is mounting evidence that this great migration has reversed itself, as those who can … Continue reading

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Cherishing, not criticizing diversity

Every now and then I hear (or overhear) an offensive comment from someone that irritates the daylights out of me. Late Monday afternoon this happened when a person make the following obnoxious comment: “It’s getting to be like the intersection of Singapore Street … Continue reading

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A “welcome” change

Instead of grumbling about immigration issues or dwelling on the myths, several large cities in the eastern United States and Canada are attempting to capitalize on the numerous benefits that immigration can bring as a way to enhance community revitalization … Continue reading

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