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India railway map/Nations with most railway miles

Above is a cool 2013 railway map of India. For a little end of the year statistical trivia, below is a list of the 50 nations with the most railway mileage. United   States 224,792 (2011) China 98,000 (2012) Russia … Continue reading

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Seeking happiness in ”The Geography of Bliss”

What do the Netherlands, Switzerland, Qatar, Iceland, Bhutan, Moldova, Thailand, India, Great Britain, and the United States all have in common? There are places that author Eric Weiner visited in his worldwide quest to determine the roots of true happiness … Continue reading

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Weaving Durban into words – a marvelous urban anthology!

I cannot praise the book Durban in a Word highly enough. It is hands down the best collection of short stories and essays I have ever (ever!) read…and they are all about one quite amazing city and its residents – Durban (eThekwini), … Continue reading

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India’s largest international airports (by acreage)

So often statistics on airports are presented based on passenger traffic, cargo tonnage, or aircraft operations. Instead, the list below shows the 21 international airports in India ranked by the amount of land area (or acreage) they occupy. While it … Continue reading

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A spiraling saunter of megacity Delhi

Last night, I completed the 2009 book entitled Delhi, Adventures in a Megacity by author and journalist Sam Miller. The book literally presents a step-by-step overview of this huge metropolis, its storied past, its challenging present, and its potential for the future. … Continue reading

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Review of “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

I had my first chance to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel entertaining film on DVD over the past weekend while visiting family in Indiana. What a terrific movie! No only are there wonderful characters and interwoven plots, but the … Continue reading

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Urban duopolies

Most often, the term “duopoly” is used the context of business to identify those markets that are dominated by two primary suppliers who exert great influence. Examples would be Fedex versus UPS in overnight shipping within the United States; Pepsi versus Coca-Cola … Continue reading

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Book review of “Walking With the Comrades” – when the limbs of democracy refuse to be eaten

I finished reading the book Walking With the Comrades by Arundahti Roy on my Kindle last night and needed some time to afterwards to ponder and reflect about what I might try to say in my review.  The book was filled with … Continue reading

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Delhi’s railway system is first to earn U.N. carbon credits

Kudos to Delhi, India and its Metro Rail Corporation. According to a story on the BBC, Delhi’s system is the first in the world to earn United Nations carbon credits.  The story goes on to note: “The transport system has … Continue reading

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Urbanography review of “Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found”

Urbanography book review of Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found by Suketu Mehta I read this captivating book last year to learn more about India. This was partially due to the fact that Bombay (Mumbai) has always fascinated me and also … Continue reading

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