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The South Shore Line – Indiana’s Gift to Passenger Rail

We had the honor and thrill of riding the entire length of the South Shore Line round trip between South Bend (Airport Station) and Chicago (Millennium Station) and back over Mother’s Day weekend. Sometimes dubbed as America’s last Interurban, the … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a perfect sunset

The sunset yesterday evening (Saturday, Sept. 27th) at Lake Wawasee, Indiana had to be one of the most spectacular ever seen here at the lake or anywhere else for that matter. Below is a progressive series of ten photos I … Continue reading

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Six days, six lovely sunsets

Below are a series of six lovely sunsets taken this past week (Monday thru Saturday) at Lake Wawasee, Indiana.  

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Why is Indiana off the beaten path?

There is but one lonely state that does not have a single inch of the National Trails System (Historic or Scenic) contained within its boundaries. Sadly, that is my birth state of Indiana. How can that be? Is Indiana so … Continue reading

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Sailing – Earth’s most picturesque sport

Some may debate the assertion made in the title of this blogpost, but no one can deny there isn’t great beauty and elegance in skimming the waters of a lake, bay, harbor, gulf, sea, or ocean on a sleek, aerodynamic … Continue reading

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The spirit of the ‘transistor’ radio

One of my all-time favorite songs by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rush is “Spirit of the Radio” from their 1980 album entitled Permanent Waves.  This great Canadian rock band captures the free spirit of radio in its … Continue reading

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What a croak (crock)!

The other day I heard about an upcoming action that will be taking place soon in Central Indiana that just has to make one wonder what the heck are people thinking. Some residents of a subdivision near Indianapolis are apparently … Continue reading

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A 33 foot wide slice of heaven

I am sitting in the front patio of our cottage on Lake Wawasee, Indiana as I am writing this post, listing to the birds sing their morning serenade, the soft breeze blow through the trees, blue lake waters gently lapping … Continue reading

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Birthplace of the transistor radio

I was born in Indiana in the 1950s and grew up/lived there through college, but until recently I was totally unaware of my birth state’s pivotal role in the development of transistor radios. Until the early 1950s, radios were powered … Continue reading

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America’s architectural showplace

Some cities are known as the home of a particular industry, such as automobiles in Detroit, iron and steel in Pittsburgh or Birmingham, insurance in Hartford, and tires in Akron. But, if you are looking for America’s most inspirational city … Continue reading

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