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Ten planning lessons from LA’s South Bay beach cities

We had the pleasure of visiting the three South Bay beach cities of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Hermosa Beach over the Christmas holiday weekend. Below are ten planning lessons learned from these charming and beautiful communities. Peace! Esplanade nearest … Continue reading

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Soviet-era and Russian Monotowns

In Russia, cities and towns whose economy and existence are largely tied to a single, dominating industry are referred as “Monotowns,”¬†which is short for Monofunctional Towns (or Cities). These are basically their equivalent to the Western terminology of “Company Towns.”¬†Most … Continue reading

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Iconic ironmaking furnace stacks of stone

The following list and accompanying photographs identify those iconic ironmaking blast furnace stacks that remain standing in the United States. Most of these monumental structures were built between the 1770s and 1880s. The quality of their construction (mostly with a … Continue reading

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Once roaring iron furnace or iron forge named towns

The following list identifies villages, hamlets, and communities named for local iron furnaces and forges that operated during the 18th and 19th centuries. There were a number of other furnaces and forges, but their either wasn’t an adjacent community or … Continue reading

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Open-pit cities – scarred urban geography

Below is a series of amazing (and in some cases disturbing) aerial images of cities around the world whose destiny is (or has been) at least in part tied to open-pit mining or quarrying. While these mines and quarries may … Continue reading

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