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North American island, ile, isle(a), or key cities/towns

The following list identifies those cities and towns named with the terms island, isle, isle, or key. The list includes those that are actual islands or an inland city with “island” as part of its name. In fact, Grand Island, … Continue reading

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The UK’s loneliest commercial airports

http:// Many are familiar with crowded international airports in the United Kingdom like London Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, City, and Luton; as well as Manchester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. However, the following list identifies the ten (10) least busy (loneliest) commercial airports … Continue reading

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Gilligan cities

In previous posts, this blog discussed cities situated in interesting geographical and geological places including those: Aside and along straits like Detroit and Istanbul. On meteor craters like Sudbury and Hampton Roads. On or near active/dormant volcanoes like Edinburgh and … Continue reading

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Riverine airports – potential promises and pitfalls

In this post, I am referring to those rivers that have commercial airport runways running through, across, adjacent or within them.  In a surprising number of locations in the United States and Canada, cities have utilized the riverine floodplain for siting … Continue reading

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