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An image of human-made Earth acne

The image below is a satellite photograph of the Cananea Copper Mine in the northern Mexico state of Sonora. As the old adage states, “a picture says a thousand words.” In this case, most of those  words would be negative. … Continue reading

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The need for greed and more shit

Once again, retailers across the land will be expanding their hours on Thanksgiving Day in order to fill their need for more corporate greed and for the American public to satisfy its gluttonous need to accumulate more shit.  How sad … Continue reading

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“Borderline states” – largest percentage of out-of-state workers

The following “borderline states” lead the nation in the percentage of their work force who live in another state. The District of Columbia is an obvious location commuting from out of the district and into the City of Washington. Likewise, … Continue reading

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An outstanding book – “Nothing But Blue Skies”

It is difficult to describe how truly outstanding the book entitled Nothing But Blue Skies: The Heyday, Hard Times, and Hopes of America’s Industrial Heartland is to read. As a nearly lifelong Rust Belt resident, I can attest to the fact that Edward … Continue reading

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Hiding from the “D” word

When exactly does our “Great Recession” become a “depression?” While I know there are certain indicators to track and measure this economic stuff, I have been wondering for some time if we are just lying to ourselves to avoid using … Continue reading

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Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to all our friends out there in the blogosphere. If you have the day off as a holiday, congratulations. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us in the United States, it is just another work day to … Continue reading

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Indiana – the crossroads of economic insanity

Yesterday, the legislature in my native home of Indiana voted to become the first state in the industrial Midwest to adopt right-to-work laws. Hopefully this short-sighted action will see the same fate (though more quickly) as a similar law that … Continue reading

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A time to protest unfair and nasty legislation

Just today, I learned of yet another blow to fair bargaining.  A new law has taken effect here in Michigan that prohibits public sector employees from collecting retroactive pay increases if contract negotiations extend beyond the end date of the … Continue reading

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