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Tallest & most prominent volcanic plugs/necks in the USA

Chat.openai.com defines and describes a volcanic plug as follows: “A volcanic plug, also known as a volcanic neck or lava neck, is a type of volcanic landform that forms when magma hardens inside a volcanic vent or conduit. When a … Continue reading

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Geographic terms with the most diverse usage in American and Canadian populated place-names

The following lists present those geographic terms used for the widest variety of populated place names in the United States and Canada. the figures were determined using recent road atlases and google maps. The tallies for each term are not meant to be a … Continue reading

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My favorite North American mountain ranges – UPDATED

A minimum of 2,000 foot elevation was required for consideration. Some of these listed below are part of larger mountain ranges. Enjoy! Sangre de Cristo (Colorado and New Mexico) Cascade Range (California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia) Jemez Mountains (New … Continue reading

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