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Why not permanent wildfire breaks?

While traveling through wildfire  country of Northern California and Southern Oregon, including being re-routed 80 miles because of a fire in Lassen Volcanic National Park, I had a thought. Instead of a hell-bent chaotic rush to build temporary wildfire breaks … Continue reading

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A night of triumph and tragedy

Greater Lansing experienced two very opposite emotions in the world of bicycling last night. On the triumphant side, the Lansing City Council voted 7-1 to adopt the city’s new bike parking ordinance.  This approval is another big victory in making all … Continue reading

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Attended a fantastic collaborative meeting of local advocacy groups this morning. During the conversation, a positive term was coined, YIMBY or Yes In My Back Yard. Given the number of links to the term on the net, apparently this was … Continue reading

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Enough with the freaking starter castles – NSFW

A set of plans recently came through the office for a 10,000 square foot single-family home (a.k.a. starter castle or McMansion). Good grief! How many square feet do people need for their stuff? When I think of the number of … Continue reading

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Finding one’s sense of place: appreciating what you have, instead of trying to create fantasy land

The metropolitan area where I live has had an uncanny and annoying knack of naming new projects and developments after other places around the country and the world. Not only does this seem like a lazy and unimaginative approach, but … Continue reading

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Leaping tall buildings in a single mouse click

Recently, one of Progressive Blogic’s most popular posts was about my favorite skylines in the USA and Canada.  Since publishing that post, I have discovered a seriously cool website that any skyscraper fan, Sim City fan, or skyline appreciator will … Continue reading

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It’s not our fault, it’s the asphalt!

According to a January 13th article on the New Urban News Network, civil engineers at the University of California (Berkeley) have estimated that there are 800 million parking spaces in the United States. Yes, you read that number correctly, 800,000,000 stupid parking … Continue reading

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This Could Be the Start of Something Good

Recently released data from the Census Bureau indicates after 35 years of increasing average new single-family house size, there has been slight, yet noticeable drop in the average new house size in each of the past four years. It is … Continue reading

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Forgotten, But Not Gone

Places without a healthy core Are like a human with no heart Soulless, empty, and shallow Painfully fracturing apart – Stark buildings sit derelict Houses are no longer homes Each a testament to waste Now referred to just in poems … Continue reading

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Looking for America: Forgotten Cities

Unfortunately, the United States has a lengthy history of being a throw-away society. During the colonial era, residents simply tossed the trash out their windows. Today, we abandon last year’s gadget for this year’s gizmo, we design products for short-term use, we … Continue reading

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