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When land use planning turns EVIL

As professional planners, we like to think of land use planning as a fairly benign occupation that may stir controversy and discourse every now and then. I doubt many of us would consider the profession as being evil. But, as … Continue reading

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Your zoning code/map is ahead of its time when…

There is an app for that. There is a required vertical altitude setback from flying car streets and highways. Your code book is entitled “Jetsonian Code for ___” (fill in the blank). You can actually find them on the internet. Landing … Continue reading

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Obscene obsolescence tactics

There has been a more or less covert move afoot for the past few years by some big box retailers in Michigan and in Ohio to have their stores declared functionally obsolete by the state tax tribunal in order to … Continue reading

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Riverine airports – potential promises and pitfalls

In this post, I am referring to those rivers that have commercial airport runways running through, across, adjacent or within them.  In a surprising number of locations in the United States and Canada, cities have utilized the riverine floodplain for siting … Continue reading

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Cities in the race to outer space

One of the buzz terms of planning and economic development in recent years has been “aerotropolis” or cities developed and/or centered around airports. As air travel, overnight delivery, and air freight have become increasingly important, the role of airports has grown … Continue reading

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Satellite airport “success” stories related to sprawl

In the past three-four decades urban sprawl has led to the rapid expansion of low density development across once pastoral landscapes, vastly increasing the area now occupied by the built environment. While, as urban planners, we are almost universally opposed to … Continue reading

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Paying homage at a planning and landscape design shrine

This past Sunday, a few hours prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy and my quick departure back to Michigan, I had the profound honor of visiting one of the ultimate shrines of the planning and landscape design professions – the Frederick … Continue reading

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